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Datum FS Supply Chain Best Practices Center

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Presentations & White Paper One Sheets

Restaurant Recession Tools June 2024 Webinar Summary- Download

GPO's April 2024 Best Practices Webinar Presentation- Download

GPO's April 2024 Best Practices Webinar Summary- Download

FSMA 204 March 2024 Best Practices Webinar Presentation- Download

FSMA 204 March 2024 Best Practices Webinar Summary- Download

Podcast Episodes

Traceability and the Food Safety Modernization Act (Angela Fields, Consumer Safety Officer Food and Drug Administration) July 2024- Listen

Third Party Delivery, Brands in Retail Datum Advisors Best Practices Webinar  (Andy Raabe, Tom Healey) July 2024- Listen

Cattle Industry from Calf to Plate (Russ Gould, Cattle Rancher Oklahoma) July 2024- Listen

Food Brokers in the Foodservice Supply Chain (Ian Navarro, Founder Navarro Culinary Connections)  June 2024- Listen

Technology and Data Driving Success throughout the Supply Chain. (Kim Spalding, CEO Cheetah Technologies) June 2024- Listen

Sustainability and Innovation in today's Foodservice Supply Chain: (Debi Gann, Vice President, Marketing and Business Development Armada) May 2024- Listen

Datum Advisors Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO's) Best Practices (Jeff Abramson, Brendan Clarke, James Kennedy) May 2024- Listen

Revolutionizing Foodservice Distribution through Technology: (Mani Kulasooriya, Co-Founder & CEO Cut+Dry) May 2024- Listen

Shake Shack: Behind the Scenes in their Supply Chain (Jeff Amoscato, Senior Vice President Supply Chain and Menu Innovation, Shake Shack) April 2024- Listen

Datum Advisors FSMA 204 Best Practices (Angela Fields FDA, Brady Cunningham Armada Supply Chain Solutions, Rick Buttner, Rich Wolverton) April 2024- Listen

Exploring the Role of Data Science in Food Service: Menu Development and Pricing Insights (Mike Lukianoff, by Extropy360) April 2024- Listen

Rapid restaurant growth supply chain and the NRA Supply Chain group (Kristi Kingery, Tropical Smoothie) March 2024- Listen

Supply chain in academia including characteristics of students (Linda Dunn, Georgetown University) March 2024- Listen

Datum Advisors State of the Supply Chain (Charlie Lousignont, Keith Anderkin, Tom Healey, Scott Schmitz) February 2024- Listen

Restaurant and foodservice distribution dynamics (Mike Halen, Bloomberg) February 2024- Listen

Food distribution from an executive perspective (Rich Wolverton) February 2024- Listen

Broadening your operations and supply chain into off premise and retail (Brandon Tammaro, Wow Bao) January 2024- Listen

Food traceability, FSMA 204 and tech (Katy Jones, Trustwell) January 2024- Listen

Commodity price volatility tools (Rich Counsell, Stable) January 2024- Listen

FSMA 204, data practices and food traceability (Rick Buttner) December 2023- Listen

 Multi-unit restaurant supply chain operations (David Cox) December 2024- Listen