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Farm to Fork: The Innovators Podcast with David Maloni

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Welcome to Farm to Fork: The Innovators, the podcast where decades of industry expertise meet the future of the food supply chain. With over 40 years in the food production, distribution, and operations sectors, I've seen the industry evolve. But now, it's time to push the boundaries of innovation further.

Every other week, join me as I sit down with pioneers from the past, the game-changers of today, and the visionaries shaping the future of our field. Together, we'll explore new ideas, technologies, and strategies that can revolutionize how we farm, produce, move, and serve food to the world.

I invite you, our listeners, to be a part of this journey. If you know someone or have a topic in mind that aligns with our mission, please reach out. Your input matters, and it could be the spark that ignites the next big breakthrough in the food supply chain.

For more insights and to connect with my consultancy, click "Home" at the top of the page. Thank you for tuning in. Together, let's drive innovation and transform the way we nourish our communities.  Found on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and numerous other players.  

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Episode 21, July 22, 2024- Building Off-Premise Revenue in a Restaurant Recession Datum Advisors Best Practices Webinar Key topics include; third party delivery, retail sales channels, supply chain.

Episode 20, July 15, 2024- Angela Fields, Senior Consumer Safety Officer Food & Drug Administration, Exploring Traceability and the Food Safety Modernization Act.  Key topics include; traceability, supply chain best practices, produce, FSMA, recalls.

Episode 19, July 1, 2024- Russ Gould, Generational Cattle Rancher in Oklahoma, Exploring the Cattle Industry from Calf to Plate.  Key topics include; beef, proteins, cattle, family farming, beef costs, hedging, traceability, environment.  

Episode 18, June 17, 2024- Ian Navarro, Founder, Navarro Culinary Connections, Creating Value for Foodservice Manufacturing Brands in the Digital Age.  Key topics include; foodservice brokerage, sourcing, artisan brands, social media, foodservice distribution, technology.  

Episode 17, June 3, 2024- Kim Spalding, CEO, Cheetah Technologies, Revolutionizing the Foodservice Supply Chain through Data and Technology.  Key topics include; foodservice distribution, data, technology, A.I., restaurant operations, distributor operations.  

Episode 16, May 20, 2024- Debi Gann, Vice President, Marketing and Business Development Armada Supply Chain Solutions, Trailblazing Sustainability and Innovation in the Foodservice Supply Chain.  Key topics include; international supply chain, data, technology, sustainability, logistics.

Episode 15 (Bonus Episode), May 14, 2024- Datum Advisors Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO's) Best Practices Webinar with Jeff Abramson, Brendan Clarke, James Kennedy.   Key topics include; GPO best practices for different parties in the supply chain, futures of GPO's.  

Episode 14, May 7, 2024- Mani Kulasooriya, Cut+Dry's Co Founder and CEO, Revolutionizing the way Foodservice Distributors Interact with Foodservice Operators.  Key topics include; data, A.I., food technology, foodservice distribution, foodservice operator collaboration.   

Episode 13, April 22, 2024- Jeff Amoscato, Shake Shack's Senior Vice President of Supply Chain and Menu Innovation, Navigating Shake Shack's Supply Chain  Key topics include; authentically sourced ingredients, menu innovation, sustainability, marketing and supply chain collaboration.  

Episode 12 (Bonus Episode), April 15, 2024- Datum Advisors Traceability FSMA 204 Best Practices Webinar with Angela Fields FDA, Brady Cunningham Armada Supply Chain Solutions, Rick Buttner, Rich Wolverton.   Key topics include; what is FSMA 204, compliance of FSA 204, best practices and benefits of supply chain traceability.  

Episode 11, April 8, 2024- Mike Lukianoff, Founder and CEO by Extropy360- a decision intelligence company for foodservice.  Trends across menu data:Insights into consumer preferences. Key topics include, state of the consumer and the restaurant industry, menu pricing best practices, overall data best practices, and the future of data science and the foodservice industry.  

Episode 10, March 25, 2024- Kristi Kingery, Vice President, Supply Chain Tropical Smoothie Cafe and Chair National Restaurant Association Supply Chain Expert Exchange: Managing a fast growing supply chain and the National Restaurant Association Supply Chain group and conference.  Key topics include, growing role of women in the supply chain, restaurant brand best practices, managing diverse and growing supply chain, and industry collaboration to help all professional and industry development.  

Episode 9, March 11, 2024- Linda Dunn, Faculty Director & Assistant Professor Supply Chain Program at Georgetown University: Unpacking today's supply chain including foodservice versus other industries and the near future of the chain.   Key topics include, supply chain programs in academia, the students and how to attract the top talent, data, technology, sustainability and A.I.  

Episode 8 (Bonus Episode), March 7, 2024- Datum Advisors most recent foodservice supply chain best practices webinar State of the Supply Chain with Keith Anderkin, Tom Healey, Charlie Lousignont, and Scott Schmitz.  Key topics include, rebound of the supply chain since Covid, limited food distribution capacity, SKU rationalization, and the future of the chain.

Episode 7, February 26, 2024- Bloomberg Restaurant Analyst Mike Halen: Restaurant and Foodservice Distribution Dynamics including the Consumer.  Key topics include, health and outlook of the consumer, best practices of the higher performing restaurant brands and whats next in foodservice distribution including Sysco and US Foods. 

Episode 6, February 12, 2024- Foodservice Distribution: All you need to know with Rich Wolverton with Grow Foodservice. Key topics include, rising distribution costs, GPO's, FSMA 204, getting new products into the chain, and the future of foodservice distribution.

Episode 5, January 29, 2024- Wow Bao from 10 Stores to Over 600 Ghost Kitchens and 4000 Retail Outlets: a conversation with Wow Bao VP of Strategic Growth Brandon Tammaro.  Key topics include, third party delivery, brand building into retail and the impacts on the supply chain.  

Episode 4, January 15, 2024- Tech Driven Food Traceability Supply Chain: a conversation with Trustwell CCO and FoodLogiQ former CEO Katy Jones.  Key topics include, food traceability best practices, FSMA 204, and the future of the food supply chain.

Episode 3, January 2, 2024- Price Stability in the Food Supply Chain: a conversation with Rich Counsell CEO of Stable.  Key Topics include commodities, cost of goods management best practices, and new tools to combat menu cost inflation.

Episode 2, December 18, 2023- Tracing Success, an interview with former Subway coop supply chain Executive Rick Buttner.  Key Topics include technology, FSMA 204 and traceability

Episode 1, December 4, 2023- Supply Chain Wisdom, an interview with former Arbys coop supply chain Executive David Cox.  Key Topics include best practices, relationships in industry and roadmap for aspiring vendors.

Trailer, November 27, 2023- Introducing Farm to Fork: The Innovators with David Maloni.